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Installation is very simple - plug it in mouse port. If you use wheel mouse - plug additional connector into joystick port. After switching on your computer, controller will work.

For working as simple 3-button mouse controller, it will not need any drivers.

How to install wheel mice support

For use wheel mice under AmigaOS you will need to install software driver called wbm (WheelBusMouse). This driver must be installed manualy in your s:startup-sequence or s:user-startup file. In simpliest case it is c:wbm string in any place if these files.

WBM utuluty has some options:

quietNo copyright message
reverseReverse direction of both scrolling axis (X & Y)
reversex=rxReverse direction of horizontal scrolling
reversey=ryReverse direction of vertical scrolling
Use selected keys/buttons for temporary change scrolling axis (vertical to horizontal). Axis is changed during selected key/button is pressed.
Use left or right side button (4th or 5th mouse button, it they present) as system-wide fourth button
buttonscroll=bs Use left and right mouse buttons (4th and 5th mouse buttons, it they present) as horizontal scrollers
priorityPriority of resident process

Examples of wbm usage:

c:wbm lalt mmb
You can use wheel as horisontal scrolling when it (wheel) or left Alt pressed.

c:wbm bs
Wheel works as vertical scroller, and left/right side (additional) mouse buttons act as horizontal scroller.

c:wbm lfb jf1
Left additional button acts like a system-wide fourth button. Right additional button changes scrolling axis.

How to use wheel(s) in AmigaOS:

Download FreeWheel and MUIWheel from Aminet. FreeWheel is an utility that does some actions on wheel and system-wide fourth button (for example, now I use fourth button for screen switching). MUIWheel adds wheel functionality to MUI - this means that every MUI program can work with wheel.

Directory Opus 5.82 and 4.16 have own native wheel support.

In next versions functionality of wheel will be much, much more. My idea is to do application-selective prefs: you can assign any preferred action to all mouse controls, different for different applications. For example, wheel can select weapon in Quake, cycle screens when it is over screen cycle gadget, and even change zoom factor in gfx editor - not only simply scroll. Additional mouse buttons will can work as «Back/Forward» in your Web-browser, «Undo/Redo» in gfx-editor, etc... Send your suggestions - and I will do even more!