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Printed Circuit Board for PS/2 Wheel Mouse Controller

There is a reference PCB design, done by Marc SAVART []. It is designed for use on A4000T (also you can see photos archive of ready device). I can't give any warranty for this PCB design, but now I manually check every version for wrong connections :)

This is a completely new design. Main feature of this design is that is ONE PCB for all versions of hardware. It is «configured» by wires. You can for example do PCB for 5-button version with existing PIC16F84 (in socket of course), and then buy PIC16F627 and upgrade PCB to 2-wheel version.

Click on PCB images to view in full size:

2-wheel version

2 wheels PCB

5-button version

5 button PCB

4-button version

4 button PCB


Solderside (common for all versions):

With ground

PCB with ground

Without ground

PCB without ground