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Recommended mice

Genius NetScroll Optical

Genius NetScroll OpticalGenius NetScroll Optical

Inexpensive, but very good ergonomical design and quality.

Don't confuse it with Genius NetScroll+ Eye and NetScroll+ NB!    «Plus» models are not better - them don't have additional two buttons.

Logitech MX1000 - best wireless mouse of 2004

Logitech MX1000

Compatibility with different mice

My controller works with all mice, where it was tested. But I don't give you any warranty that it will work with your mouse.

Even if your mouse works at all, there are some differencies in advanced mouse protocols - supporting wheels and additional buttons. Microsoft (for this paragraph it is a company name, not an abuse) instead of it's normal practice to hide all details, published protocol of wheel mouse. It has two «layers»: protocol of wheel mouse, and protocol of 5-button wheel mouse. There are many Microsoft Intellimouse compatible devices (for example, Genius NetScroll Optical), and all of them will work with wheel at my controller. Some other mice are Intellimouse Explorer (5 buttons) compatible. For example, it is A4Tech WOP-35. That mice will work with all 5 buttons. If you use 4-buttons version of controller, both additional buttons will work as one.

Another mice, like of Genius NetScroll Optical, can be compatible with Intellimouse, but incompatible with Intellimouse Explorer. Genius NetScroll supports both Intellimouse and own protocols. In Intellimouse mode it works as 3-button wheeled mouse, and in own Genius-mode it works as 5-button wheeled mouse. From version 1.5, ps2m supports both 5-button protocols - Genius NetScroll and MS Intellimouse Explorer.

Future support of unsupported now mice

Yet some another mice, like A4Tech WOP-35, can be Intellimouse (and even Explorer) compatible, but have additional features like two wheels, feedback (Logitech iFeel), etc. Some mice can have even different ideology - like Maxxtro with «joystick» between buttons. Additional features of these mice can't be used with current version of ps2m, but things have characteristic to change :-)

Compatibility with Amigas and software

Because of this device has two interfaces - to the computer and to the mouse, I must describe both questions.

Compatibility with Amiga is not a problem - device will work with all current Amiga models, from A1000 to A4000 and A1200. You can even try to adapt it for Atari ST or any other computer, where was used bus mouse interface.

WBM utility was compiled for 68000 and requires only 2.0 OS. If you don't use wheel(s) - you can use controller even under 1.x OS. Controller succesfully works under Linux and any other operating systems on Amiga hardware - not only AmigaOS. If you want - you even can write wheel support to any OS. All details can be found in WBM source code.

SCALA Screen Bar

There is some small problem with Scala: because of parallel joystick feature and usage of fire0 at mouse port for custom Scala hardware, PS/2 controller will be disabled after start of Scala. It is not a noticeable problem - you can enable it again by one mouse click. If it disturbs you - my PS/2 controller (from version 1.5) has special feature: if you will hold right mouse button pressed during start of Scala, parallel joystick feature will be disabled during all following session of your work. If you want enable it again, for game as example, you can switch power off/on, or simply disconnect/reconnect mouse.